Sunsets and Summer

Sunsets and Summer

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ranger Rick Strikes Again!


I now see how all of the pieces fit together. Watching the conferences and listening to the comments made by some of the presenters I saw how Collaboration and Communication fit into the puzzle. Working together, commenting on what works and what doesn't and also how to take it up a notch. Creativity was everywhere! Students creating, producing, and taking responsibility for their learning. I also believe they were also enjoying themselves. When you are interested, engaged and involved you will learn, and you won't even know its work!

Three C's Reflections.....

I like to make connections. I was trying to figure out where and what I would do with the Three C's. Wikis and Blogs were interesting however where do they fit as far as working with young children in grades K-3? I loved learning about Wordles and I could put them to use with the young children in every subject! Animoto was fun, I know the Pic-Pac enjoyed making those. Kiva is a wonderful way for students to make an impact on the life of someone and that could also be applied to every content area. Diigo I touched upon, Twitter I had a difficult time trying to figure out so I didn't tweet. My Wiki was lost in "Wiki Space!" Xtranormal was fun and my 13 year old actually introduced that to me. Chatzy was visited by me quite often and I did receive many helpful tips, thank you. I enjoyed and also became a little discouraged when I read the Blogs of some of my classmates. Loved Flat World, great to use in a Social Studies class math language anywhere! I showed to the Pic-Pac and we are thinking of making hover shoes! They thought it might be helpful to them, Austin didn't know if it covered 7th grade material. I stuck with Blogger. I could figure it out, it was easy to use and I was successful. I can see the connections and where the pieces of the puzzles fit. I am taking a writing course for young writers and I posted a Blog about a young published author I found on I have definitely come a long way. When I started the course I had an e-mail and occasionally I could successfully send an e-mail and that is it. I used the pictures that came with the computer and now I can google what I want. I have been introduced to some wonderful tools that I was able to pass on to my children. I can copy, paste, create, communicate and collaborate! Hey I did it I am on my way to the 21st Century!:) Thank you to my family and friends for helping me get there! Thank you to Dennis for introducing me to the 21st Century!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Six traits word choice.

I am starting a writing course for young writers and the instructor was asking if anyone uses the six steps in writing. What do you know, I found this on watchknow!

I'm soooo tired!:(

Just when I thought I was finished and had a fabulous Xtranormal video, if I do say so myself! I spent, no lie, a total of six hours trying to make my digital footprint into a movie. Most would have given up and that is what I should have done but no. I'm a little stubborn that way. I think it was too long and that is why "ERROR" kept coming up. Oh well I didn't quit so that's a good thing. Once again 10:11P.M. Time to go do a little reading for my next class, a writing workshop for grades K-3. I was looking through the and I came across an eleven year old who is a published author and a seasoned presenter. Check out my next blog for more.:)