Sunsets and Summer

Sunsets and Summer

Monday, February 1, 2010

Three C's Reflections.....

I like to make connections. I was trying to figure out where and what I would do with the Three C's. Wikis and Blogs were interesting however where do they fit as far as working with young children in grades K-3? I loved learning about Wordles and I could put them to use with the young children in every subject! Animoto was fun, I know the Pic-Pac enjoyed making those. Kiva is a wonderful way for students to make an impact on the life of someone and that could also be applied to every content area. Diigo I touched upon, Twitter I had a difficult time trying to figure out so I didn't tweet. My Wiki was lost in "Wiki Space!" Xtranormal was fun and my 13 year old actually introduced that to me. Chatzy was visited by me quite often and I did receive many helpful tips, thank you. I enjoyed and also became a little discouraged when I read the Blogs of some of my classmates. Loved Flat World, great to use in a Social Studies class math language anywhere! I showed to the Pic-Pac and we are thinking of making hover shoes! They thought it might be helpful to them, Austin didn't know if it covered 7th grade material. I stuck with Blogger. I could figure it out, it was easy to use and I was successful. I can see the connections and where the pieces of the puzzles fit. I am taking a writing course for young writers and I posted a Blog about a young published author I found on I have definitely come a long way. When I started the course I had an e-mail and occasionally I could successfully send an e-mail and that is it. I used the pictures that came with the computer and now I can google what I want. I have been introduced to some wonderful tools that I was able to pass on to my children. I can copy, paste, create, communicate and collaborate! Hey I did it I am on my way to the 21st Century!:) Thank you to my family and friends for helping me get there! Thank you to Dennis for introducing me to the 21st Century!

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