Sunsets and Summer

Sunsets and Summer

Monday, January 18, 2010

In The Begining...October, 2009

I was very overwhelmed after the first class, actually I felt like I was entering a whole new world, a very foriegn world! I did cry when I got home, I didn't think I would make it. When I first started this course I could e-mail and sometimes I could send and e-mail and that is it! When I started as a Title I tutor at H.E.S. in 2008 I was added to the Staff E-mail, my very first e-mail and "password". We have four boys and that is what I have been focusing on for the last 13 years, raising polite, kind, considerate young boys (men). They are still our main priority, however the youngest ones are almost 7 and it is time for me to get back into the workforce. So 21st Century here I come!:)

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